April Letter from the Editors

Class of 2025, 

We are down to the wire! Just a few more weeks until we are wearing a red sash and cow year is complete.

This issue of the Thrivin' Times starts out by highlighting the Class of 2025's transition into key leadership positions this summer as we feature the commanders and CSMs of the various summer training details. Also featured are April's events including the Camporee, the SOSH Run, the Rabble Rouser's showing at the NCA and NDA Nationals, and Sandhurst. Two of our classmates also competed this month in the Best Sapper Competition and earned 3rd place out of 50 teams- well done Isaiah and Sam! Read about swimmer Owen Harlow, who will be competing in the Olympic Trials this coming summer. This issue also features our final regiment of first sergeants from Fourth Regiment.

The Class of 2025 has a lot to be proud of, and we are gearing up to take on Firstie year very soon. Finish this year strong, and Beat the Dean on TEEs!